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The Dan Emergency Handbook

The DAN Emergency Handbook-  A guide to the identification of and first aid for scuba diving injuries.

By John Lippmann & Stan Bugg

This very useful booklet is printed on plastic so that it can be kept in a diver’s bag, close to the dive  site.
It includes a symptoms checklist to help identify the problem and first aid guidelines in a clear, concise format so that it can be followed easily in an emergency.
The information has been checked by some of the world’s top experts in this field.
First published in 1983, this book has been published in an Australian, United States, United Kingdom, Dutch, Japanese and Italian editions.  The current English– language U.S. Edition was published in 2000.

Waterproof; soft cover, 56 pages.  ISBN 0 9590306 11

Recommended Retail Price: AUD$20

Netherlands Edition German Edition
Italian Edition Japanese Edition