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Oygen First Aid

Oxygen First Aid– A guide to the provision of oxygen in first aid and emergency care.

 By John Lippmann

 The on scene management of emergencies by providing supplemental oxygen is an area of great importance for those providing first aid, especially to victims of submersion, scuba diving accidents, heart attack, stroke and a broad array of other illnesses or injuries.  Oxygen First Aid provides a wealth of information on resuscitation and oxygen administration equipment and techniques.

Asia-Pacific, United States, diver and Royal Life Saving  Editions are available.

Asia-Pacific Edition:  Soft cover, 160 pages. ISBN 0-646-23565-6 Asia

U.S. Edition: Soft cover, 144 pages.  ISBN 0 9587 118 3 6

U.K. Edition:  Soft cover, 150 pages.  ISBN 0 9590306 5 4

Royal Life Saving Edition: Soft cover, 160 pages, ISBN 0 646 23565 6

Recommended Retail Price (Asia-Pacific Edn) : AUD$20 + Post

Post: AUD$3 in Australia; $5 elsewhere.


US Edition
UK Edition
RLSSA Edition